Miracle cure turmeric? The story behind #turmericwithmyra & how I prepare my golden milk!

My personal story & experience  (Advertising cause I am mentioning Manufactures in this article)

For over two years now, I am drinking turmeric with orange juice  every morning on an empty stomach. And I don`t do it primarily, because it tastes so super good – no, but because I was suffering  of the chronic disease ulcerative colitis for several years, and the “golden milk” was so far the only thing who really helped me getting the symptoms and pain “under control”. And  by „under control“ I mean – I have no bleeding, mucus, diarrhea or cramps anymore. To understand the importance of this routine with my „Golden Milk“ let`s tur back the time :

6 years ago I had blood in my stool after an allergic reaction to antibiotics. Unfortunately, this was the beginning of a hospital and doctors odyssey. I have been given all sorts of conventional medical medication, unfortunately always unsuccessful and my syptoms got  even worse often in addition to violent reactions of my body. For example I had an anaphylactic shock in which my lip and tongue grew so big that I threatened to choke. This was followed by cortisone therapy.By the way, shortly before this phase, the first lipedema symptoms broke out, to what extent both stories could possibly be related, I will explain in another part of the blog.

In this post, it’s only about the intestine – so how did it continue?

After about 7 intestinal and gastroscopy, which always seemed to make things worse by the mechanical irritation, I decided not to take anymore medication . Instead, and for that I am very grateful to her, my mother has dealt with possible remedies from nature. So it came that I first took Manuka Propolis capsules, which helped me a lot in the first place. (I like to report on this once in more detail in another blog report) Unfortunately, the effect has diminished in the long run, and I have to admit it was then too expensive for me.Finally, we stumbled upon the „miracle spice turmeric“. After reading a lot of positive things, my mother brought me a 1 Kilogramm bag of turmeric from the “Achterhof” . I remember it was the day of her first lipedema surgery. She held it under my nose and said, so drink it now: I was thrilled, as you can imagine … NOT! : D  During the years before I had had to strangle off so much weird stuff, I did not feel like it. BUT – I did it, and I did it right away – and that was probably the best decision of my life, because after only one week of taking it, I did not have any complaints anymore. And you can believe me when I say that the turmeric has arrived where it should arrive …;)

The only thing that still wanted to be perfected was the taste. This could be solved quickly, because instead of water or nut milk, I recommend you to take orange juice or passion fruit juice with 100% fruit juice content:

1. Vitamin C boosts the effects of Curcumin and

2. In my opinion, the juice suits best to avoid the strong taste of the Turmeric

So what is turmeric?

Turmeric belongs to the plant species of the ginger family. Even if we usually only see it as a yellow powder in the spice rack of our supermarkets, it is originally a Ingwer similar looking tuber, whose pulp is colored yellow. This yellow coloration is caused by the tuber „curcumin“ – and this fabric is exactly what we want, because it is the dream of our sleepless nights, with the special magical effect: D Joking aside: Curcumin actually has one especially anti-inflammatory effect and is therefore used in many areas. I’ll list the features and uses below:

Effect and applications:

Turmeric / curcumin acts:

  • anti-inflammatoryantiseptic and antioxidant

Applications / Diseases:

  • liver disease
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • lung weakness
  • cancer
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • diabetes
  • flu
  • heart problems
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • In addition, it helps prevent illness in generaland promotes health in all body systems
  • (Just because your complaints were not listed here does not mean it could not help you too)

Since many of you alread participate in the challenged I launched on Instagram: #turmericwith myra (german: #kurkummitmyra)  I already also received some great feedback from you, which I like to summarize here:

✅ Improvement of digestion, no more constipation or no diarrhea, no bloated stomach

✅Improvement of the skin

✅Better general well-being, no more exhaustion

✅ Metabolism stimulation

✅Hesperance has been reduced

✅Allergy symptoms have become less or completely gone!

Recipe and intake for my golden milk 

What you need:

  • Turmeric organic quality! I highly recommend the turmeric from the organic farm   “Achterhof „cause this is the turmeric I am using for over 2 years now”  With my discount Code myra10 you can save 10% on your purchase! This is the Link to the online shop*.
  • a glass of orange juice (100% fruit juice content)
  • black pepper (hint: pepper enhances the effect of every spice!) preparation
  • Mix 5-7 grams (about 2  big tablespoons) Turmeric powder into the glass of orange juice, add some black pepper and stir well so that there are no more deposits on the bottom
  • I recommend you to drink everything in one go on an empty stomach. Even if it tastes a bit disgusting at first, I can tell you, that goes by and continuity is the alpha and omega

Attention: This is just MY preparation for the Golden Milk – of course you can also prepare it with water or vegetable milk. I would just advise to not take animal milk, as it is suspected of causing inflammation in the body or intestine, and therefore may be responsible for many diseases. That would be exactly the opposite of what we actually want to achieve.

Dosage Continuity

I realy recommend you to drink every morning on an empty stomach so that the turmeric can perfectly sit on the mucous membranes. Then you can have breakfast as usual of course. An overdose is not possible, but it may be that  exacerbation effect occurs. In that case I would recommend to try it for at least a week.

What should you pay attention to?

Since turmeric has, similar to garlic by the way, a blood-thinning effect, you should take a two-week break before a surgery.Before you take the turmeric, you should make clear to yourself that this is not a pleasure challenge, but you do something for YOU, so be aware that it takes some time for it to take effect (for me It took a week) So do not give up directly, after the first day.Be clear about what you take the turmeric for – because only then you can „measure“ if it helps you

“I really can`t drink  it, what now?” 

Do not worry, even in this case there is a solution: Simply fill your turmeric capsules yourself! Y can just order so-called „empty capsules“, and  fill them at home with turmeric and black pepper. I use these capsules: https://amzn.to/2Pvvqxd* I strongly recommend gloves because the turmeric powder is really strong and yellow

Incidentally, the capsules are also the saviors for me when I travel and nor able to mix my „golden milk“. I`d  just take 5-7 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach then.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I am happy about anyone who tries it and who benefits as much as me! On Instagram you will find many more people under the #Kurkumamitmyra  (english: #turemericwithmyra) and experience: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/kurkumamitmyra/?hl=de

Best regards,

Stephie aka Myra Snöflinga

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